Foundation through learning, friendship and fun.

The greatest aim of the entire staff, and one that we, with great thankfulness, believe that we achieve, is that the students of Hermanus Pre-Primary become happy, well-balanced and self-confident in their learning and will, additionally, discover great creativity in their thinking. We strive to develop respect and love for each other, and that our children will become great citizens of our country.


It was during March 1969 that the first meeting was held to discuss the necessity for a pre-primary school.  This resulted in the first private pre-school with 15 children being established in the United Church building.

The first private pre-primary school with 23 children was later registered with the Department of Education on 23 August 1971.

This school was subsidised by the Department.  On 1 October 1976, the school officially became a P5 school with 1 teacher’s salary paid by the Department. The school moved to the Freemasons Hall next to the Primary School.

During 1981, the municipality made the current ground in Lord Roberts Ave available for the building of the school with a rental of R1 per year.  The Rotarians then decided to take on this new school as their project and the initial foundations were dug on 3 December 1981.

At the beginning of the second term in 1982, the school consisted of 2 classrooms with a total of 45 children.

A third classroom was officially added on 20 May 1987.

The growth and development of the school occurred at such a rate that it became necessary to expand and in 1995 extensions were made to facilitate the need for  2 more classrooms, namely the 2 and 3 year old groups.  Due to the need for an English-medium class, another two classrooms were built on.

The first English Pre-Primary Teacher was appointed in 1998.

Due to growth at the beginning of 2004 we started that year with 5 Afrikaans and 5 English classes.

Our baby class was established.

On 3 September 2012 the Toddler Class was officially opened.

During the last term of 2014 our Grade R learners move into their newly build classes.

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